Max Warranty
Max Assured
InspectionEvery car undergoes a thorough 120 Point Inspection, including engine, transmission, body and all major systems of the car along with documents.No Inspection
Service HistoryWe check service history of the car for all makes having service online history and cars serviced at authorized dealers.No check on past service history
ConditionOnly non-accidental cars in good mechanical condition pass our stringent certification criteria.Risk of buying poor condition or accidental cars.
RefurbishmentWe only certify cars that are refurbished to meet our criteria so that you don't have to spend on repairs once you have bought the car.No refurbishments, you end up getting repairs done post the purchase.
CertificationOur cars are inspected & certified by our professionally qualified and trained engineers.Rely on local mechanics or trust the dealer
WarrantyWe offer you different warranty products to protect your certified car purchase.No Warranty

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